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Is Eating Out In Las Vegas Expensive?

You may think so, considering it is Las Vegas but in reality, dining out doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can control how much you spend on food by making wise dining choices. If you choose to eat at restaurants such as Koi, Rao’s and SW Steakhouse then you may find a bill that is not what you may have wanted to spend. When you plan your trip to Las Vegas, think about where you want to eat and put out a dining budget aside, this will help you manage you money when it comes to dining better. If you are going to be in Vegas for 6 days, you know you have to eat everyday, so rather than eat 3 times a day, choose a brunch or late breakfast, early lunch and then you can eat twice a day.

Let’s face it, if you are on a vacation in Las Vegas where the casinos never close and the nightclubs stay open until 4 am you are not getting up for an early breakfast. By eating a late breakfast, early lunch you are saving money. If you want plan on two fine dining dinners and put away $ 100 for both dinners. The hotels all have several restaurants, each one has its own price range, there are moderate priced restaurants and then there are those very expensive places. But if you leave the comfort of your hotel then you can really find some great and inexpensive places to eat.

Do some online research and you will find that there are buffets all over Las Vegas. There are some great places on the Las Vegas Strip. You will see breakfast buffets that start at $ 2.99 and some that start with $ 5.99 all you can eat breakfast buffets. Breakfast for lunch is always a great way to start the day and save money on food. If you prefer lunch, on the Strip itself there are McDonald’s and Denny’s you can eat for cheap there and then you have more money to spend on a dinner and a drink to two.

There are plenty of Buffets along the Strip and some great places to eat off of the Strip. You really have to do some research to see what hotels and restaurants are near the hotel you staying at. You can also ask the concierge at your hotel where the best inexpensive places to eat are, considering they are from Vegas and it is there job to know those things. You may even spot places in your sight seeing travels. There is nothing wrong with having a great dining experience when you come to Vegas but it can become rather expensive if you do it every night for lunch and dinner.

Try to plan eating reasonable to lunch and then have a nice dinner. After all, nowhere in the Vegas experience say anything about having a fabulous lunch experience. If you have never been to Vegas, put some money aside and spend only what you have set aside and you can have some really great dining experiences in Las Vegas.

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